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Mozambique: Police Detains Buyers of Horns and Hoofs of Rhinoceroses in Magude

Five people identified by the names of Jakobus Nande, of 62 years old; Mateus Mulhur, of 36 years old; Francisco Fabião, of 24 years old; Manuel Sambo, of 25 years old; and one identified by the name of Boa, of 31 years old, are in accounts with the police of the Republic of Mozambique as a result of having been surprised buying horns and hoofs of rhinoceroses, last Sunday (06) in the neighborhood of Mawanja 01, in the village of Magude, Maputo province.

Jakobus Nande and Mateus Mulhur are natural of Muxungue, in Chibabava district, Sofala Province, but at the time of their arrest came from the Republic of South Africa to buy horns and hoofs of rhinoceroses in Mozambique, according to a press release sent to @Verdade, by the spokesman of the Police, Emidio Mabunda.

It is said that Francisco Fabião and Boa (this is a native of Zonguene, in the province of Gaza), residents of South Africa, are accused of being interpreters and guides from South Africa to the place where the business would be implemented, in Magude.

Manuel Sambo is natural healer and resident in Mawanja. He is indicted of providing paws and horns of rhinoceroses to illegal hunters and vendors. By virtue of these crimes, the police seized and kept the fingers and the dual cabin car, with the registration L 685 CVB, in which the wrongdoers were moving.



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