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Mozambique: International Military Team Decreed to Observe Demilitarization in Mozambique

On October 1st, with just 14 days remaining before the Mozambique general elections, the Military Team of International Observers for the Cessation of Military Hostilities (EMOCHM) was given a formal enactment.

They will oversee the demilitarization process of Mozambique’s largest opposition party, Renamo, and the integration of its men into Mozambique’s Defense and Police forces, as well as the social and economic assimilation of those who are not physically capable of serving in the armed forces.

Not all 23 international observers that are a members of EMOCHM took part in the ceremony, held in Maputo, because observers from the United States of America, Italy, England, Portugal and Kenya had yet to arrive in country.

The formal act was marked by the transfer of terms of reference within the scope of the mission delivered to Brigadier Tserego Tseretse, head of the mission from Botswana by the head of the Government delegation in the negotiations with Renamo, José Pacheco.

“Today marks the beginning of another chapter in the history of this country (…) as observers, we will maintain the effort of observation and supervision of agreements and subsequent phases” the leader of EMOCHM said, ensuring that the mission will guarantee the effective fulfilment of the mission and the tasks entrusted to it. However he highlighted that, “for the mission to succeed the documents signed by the parties must be made available.”

EMOCHN, which should be composed of 93 members, of which 70 are officials of Frelimo and Renamo, has 10 days to start its activities and 135 days (extendible) to perform their mission. The leader of EMOCHM will be assisted by four Colonels (one Zimbabwean, one Italian and two from Frelimo and Renamo).

It should be noted that the future of personal guard Afonso Dhlakama, leader of Renamo, has not been made public. This guard is still in possession of his weapons and has been accompanying Dhlakama during his election campaign.


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