Para continuarmos  a fazer jornalismo independente dos políticos e da vontade dos anunciantes o @Verdade passou a ter um preço.

Editorial: “What a wonderful play!”

We have said in this same space on many occasions in the past that the events of the last few days that have claimed human lives and destroyed property, were more than enough reason for President of the Republic Filipe Jacinto Nyusi to examine his conscience. It seems to us, however, that Mr Nyusi is remote controlled by a horde of schizophrenics and is determined instead to shove this country into the abyss, as his predecessor did.

As an example, the National Defence and Security Council (CNDS) meeting that President Nyusi called, and which took place this week, was, at first sight, a sensible and praiseworthy move, all the more so because it discussed the creation of conditions for a meeting with the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) leader, so as to put an end to attacks and definitively consolidate the atmosphere of peace and stability.

It is known that all Mozambicans, a! bove all those feeling at this time the effects of an undeclared war, want peace so that they can return to their usual activities, thereby contributing towards the country’s growth.

That said, it has become clear that the intentions of the shift government [governo de turno] to meet with Renamo amount to nothing more than a poor play by low quality thespians that just want to feed notes and reports to the media to distract Mozambicans from the real problems affecting the country.

Proof of that is that, during the same week, the [Mozambique Liberation Front, Frelimo] Political Commission – chaired by the head of state, as it turned out – brought up issues different from those discussed at the CNDS meeting, suggesting that there are two decision making powers within the party.

In its communique, the political commission accuses Renamo and its leader, Afonso Dhlakama, of using its armed men to make threats and kill citizens, thereby creating in! stability and insecurity within Mozambican society.

After the CNDS meeting, it was thought that the Frelimo Party would adopt a more serious and upfront posture, instead of another attempt to encourage conflict. In truth, the accusations made by the Political Commission show that there is no will to put an end to the armed conflict that has brought disquiet to the people of Mozambique.

It follows, unfortunately, that the people of Mozambique will continue to be used as the beast of burden to legitimize the undisclosed interests of the promoters of war.

All indications are that the armed conflict in the country is no source of concern to the shift government – all the more so because within the Frelimo Party the abiding aim continues to be to satisfy personal and partisan interests, instead of the legitimate interests of the majority.


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